Check out the new color!

I just dyed my hair black.  Until a couple of years ago, I didn’t let it grow more than a quarter of an inch.  But after about 18 years of the same hair style, I finally felt a need for change.  Changes to my appearance came slowly in the past couple of years, but, to celebrate my commitment,  I want to kick it up a bit now.  My weight goal still needs more time, but each thing takes me closer toward becoming the person I want to be.

As I state often, a podcast called Fat2Fit Radio, the website, and book provides me with a lot of information about health and weight loss.  A prevailing theme of their weight loss philosophy advises people not starve, but lose weight slowly by eating like the thin person you want to become.  Becoming that thin person follows with commitment to that method.

I figure improving mentally works for improving physically.  A lifelong shitty attitude resulted in shitty health.  I kept a chip on my shoulder to look like a rugged individual.  I lived a lie for decades.  Now, I aspire to be myself and follow what feels more like me.  Yeah, I cover my thinning hair and dye away the gray.  That could be argued as living a lie, but I feel and like myself better.  I don’t think hating my reflection proves anything.  Some I know scratch their heads at my adjustments.  Fortunately, some support me.  Strangers seem to treat me better.  One even flirted with me recently.  my energy increases each day along with my confidence and mood.  A few people told me I look younger, which is great because I feel younger.

Becoming healthy and self-reliant stand as my most important goals.  However, much more comes with that than just less weight and a job.  With a new outlook on life comes a new me.  I invest in myself to keep with the program.  To make sure I live up to what I create with each change.  Planning and attaining goals helps, also rewarding myself and celebrating milestones makes the journey more exciting.