The Blog Sails!

In a parking lot on a hot August day back in 2002, a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA), or mini stroke, struck me.  I went to the emergency room where my blood pressure rated at a nearly fatal high of 212 over 180.  Shortly thereafter, I saw a doctor for medicine to control the high blood pressure, but I also suffered a mental breakdown over the simultaneous collapse of my marriage and career.  The resulting depression caused me to shun my responsibilities and health.  My self-destructive behavior continued for years, which led to congestive heart failure and a two-week hospital stay.

I never found work again and lived off of the kindness of family and friends for years.  An attempt to apply for Social Security Disability payments failed and two lawyers rejected my case for appeal.  At my worst, I weighed almost 400 pounds with great difficulty breathing, moving, and walking.  Even now, my security dangles by a thread from burning too many bridges and drove me to a deep think.  I decided to get my life in order.  I need to lose weight and gain the strength to work a steady job.  I started eating healthy, exercising, and adjusting my attitude.  After two months  I lost 27 pounds and currently weigh 349 pounds.

This blog chronicles my recovery with education, information, and entertainment.  I adhere to science based information on health and nutrition.  The weight loss and self-help industry generates many scam artists who use misinformation and pseudoscience  to victimize the desperate and needy making it difficult to discern the bullshit from the good.  Critical thinking eases this difficulty.

Aside from the “Medical Disclaimer” in the sidebar, which I suggest you read, I feel compelled to warn you that I often choose “not-so-pure” techniques and ingredients.  So if I offend your gourmet sensibilities, tough shit, my blog, my rules.

Check the site on Thursdays for new posts but expect them to pop up any day I please.  May His noodly appendage touch you.  Ramen!