Cameras Often Lie

Not bad eh?

I find the photo to the left one of my better recent photos.  However, I didn’t just sit down in front of my webcam and instantly take it.  I used a view-screen to get the best angle, I positioned my hand to cover my double chin, made sure my bandanna and eye patch‘s positions pleased me, I adjusted the light in the room, then after I took the photo I cropped it and adjusted the size.  These kinds of things help me lie with the camera.

However, I also know the brutal side of the camera.  When someone else takes my picture I get a better idea of how others really see me.  I wondered why my image appears better in the mirror than a photo, then I realized that I do quite a bit of angle adjusting when confronted with my reflection.  I don’t have that luxury when someone snaps a shot of me.

My friend Chuck turned me on to a podcast called Fat 2 Fit Radio.  I also heard an interview with one of the hosts, Jeff Ainslie, on my favorite podcast, The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe.  Check out the episode.  The hosts of Fat 2 Fit Radio promote weight loss with scientific facts and no jive like fad diets, pills, supplements, or get thin quick miracles.  I also own a copy of their book, Fat 2 Fit: Getting There and Staying There.  It provides great info that works quite well for me so far.  On the Fat 2 Fit Radio home page a link labeled “F2F Power Tips”  goes to 15 short audio clips that help start the Fat 2 Fit method.  Power Tip #3: Initial Assessments recommends taking photos of yourself when starting your new healthy lifestyle.

349 lbs. – 6/22/12

I find looking  at the photo to the left difficult.  Yet, It motivates me to look forward to a day when I can painlessly pose for a shirtless photo.  It gives me something to look back at when I lose more weight and warn me how bad things got.


The Blog Sails!

In a parking lot on a hot August day back in 2002, a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA), or mini stroke, struck me.  I went to the emergency room where my blood pressure rated at a nearly fatal high of 212 over 180.  Shortly thereafter, I saw a doctor for medicine to control the high blood pressure, but I also suffered a mental breakdown over the simultaneous collapse of my marriage and career.  The resulting depression caused me to shun my responsibilities and health.  My self-destructive behavior continued for years, which led to congestive heart failure and a two-week hospital stay.

I never found work again and lived off of the kindness of family and friends for years.  An attempt to apply for Social Security Disability payments failed and two lawyers rejected my case for appeal.  At my worst, I weighed almost 400 pounds with great difficulty breathing, moving, and walking.  Even now, my security dangles by a thread from burning too many bridges and drove me to a deep think.  I decided to get my life in order.  I need to lose weight and gain the strength to work a steady job.  I started eating healthy, exercising, and adjusting my attitude.  After two months  I lost 27 pounds and currently weigh 349 pounds.

This blog chronicles my recovery with education, information, and entertainment.  I adhere to science based information on health and nutrition.  The weight loss and self-help industry generates many scam artists who use misinformation and pseudoscience  to victimize the desperate and needy making it difficult to discern the bullshit from the good.  Critical thinking eases this difficulty.

Aside from the “Medical Disclaimer” in the sidebar, which I suggest you read, I feel compelled to warn you that I often choose “not-so-pure” techniques and ingredients.  So if I offend your gourmet sensibilities, tough shit, my blog, my rules.

Check the site on Thursdays for new posts but expect them to pop up any day I please.  May His noodly appendage touch you.  Ramen!