About Me

Me at 349 lbs on June 23, 2012

Weight and eating problems plagued my life since childhood.   By my thirties my marriage and career failed, my health plunged to near fatal depths, and I spent years jobless and dependent on the kindness of others.  As of writing this, I still do.  I want to change my life.

This blog chronicles the battle to conquer my personal health problems and share what I learn with those interested in cooking nutrition, and health facts based in science. I use critical thinking and logic to build a harbor from the raging hurricane of pseudoscience and misinformation about health and nutrition. I hope to keep the mistakes to a minimum, but a good skeptic admits mistakes and welcomes corrections as needed. So, please throw me a life ring if I fall overboard.

Disclaimer:  The many views I express in this blog represent my opinions and no one else’s.

May The Flying Spaghetti Monster touch you with His noodly Appendage.



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