Cameras Often Lie

Not bad eh?

I find the photo to the left one of my better recent photos.  However, I didn’t just sit down in front of my webcam and instantly take it.  I used a view-screen to get the best angle, I positioned my hand to cover my double chin, made sure my bandanna and eye patch‘s positions pleased me, I adjusted the light in the room, then after I took the photo I cropped it and adjusted the size.  These kinds of things help me lie with the camera.

However, I also know the brutal side of the camera.  When someone else takes my picture I get a better idea of how others really see me.  I wondered why my image appears better in the mirror than a photo, then I realized that I do quite a bit of angle adjusting when confronted with my reflection.  I don’t have that luxury when someone snaps a shot of me.

My friend Chuck turned me on to a podcast called Fat 2 Fit Radio.  I also heard an interview with one of the hosts, Jeff Ainslie, on my favorite podcast, The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe.  Check out the episode.  The hosts of Fat 2 Fit Radio promote weight loss with scientific facts and no jive like fad diets, pills, supplements, or get thin quick miracles.  I also own a copy of their book, Fat 2 Fit: Getting There and Staying There.  It provides great info that works quite well for me so far.  On the Fat 2 Fit Radio home page a link labeled “F2F Power Tips”  goes to 15 short audio clips that help start the Fat 2 Fit method.  Power Tip #3: Initial Assessments recommends taking photos of yourself when starting your new healthy lifestyle.

349 lbs. – 6/22/12

I find looking  at the photo to the left difficult.  Yet, It motivates me to look forward to a day when I can painlessly pose for a shirtless photo.  It gives me something to look back at when I lose more weight and warn me how bad things got.


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