I’m Through Being Cool

The Fabulous Richard Simmons

When I posted a Richard Simmons quote as a “Super Quote” in my right margin, I suspected possible ridicule.  After all, Richard Simmons’ flamboyance counters what most of us deem cool.

Simmons approaches health, nutrition, and weight loss with no bullshit.  He does the same for life.  He shamelessly spreads cheer regardless of the sneers and jibes of others.  He is always himself and that takes guts.

Obesity plagued me since grade school.  People constantly teased and bullied me.  I believed being anyone but myself could achieve that.

I tried to deflect the jibes of others by developing a “cool” persona.  It resulted in one identity crisis after another.  Sometimes the persona won people over.  I can even say I enjoyed myself at times.  Despite that, I never really believed in myself.  I turned my life into a charade and denying it all resulted in the destruction of my career, health, and financial security.

All of my problems stem from not believing in myself and not being myself.  I just want to live better and I can only do that by being true to myself. So I’m through being cool.  I made a big mess and cleaning it requires defeating my insecurities and facing my fears.  A long road stretches before me and I know mistakes await me.  I just gotta remember Richard Simmons and his gusto for life.  If he can do it, I know I can.


2 thoughts on “I’m Through Being Cool

  1. I love this, Mark. My youngest daughter is so completely comfortable in her own skin – I respect and admire her so much and can’t imagine how someone as insecure as myself ever managed to raise her. I, like you, am still working on it. I am trying very hard not to let my bad feelings about my own appearance keep me from doing things I want to do out of fear of ridicule or rejection. It’s going – ok. It’s a step in the right direction. I still misstep.

    And you, my friend, just made Richard Simmons seem cool. Kudos.

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